Red Caboose (USA/China) 57' Mechanical Reefer

Generally speaking, Red Caboose splits production of their models between the US and China (just how much of what is done where varies by model and production run).

Here's what Red Caboose has to say about them -

Between 1964 and 1966 Pacific Car and Foundry built three versions of 57' mechanical refrigerator cars for Pacific Fruit Express. While these cars look almost identical, there are small changes between the series such as exhaust stacks and rivet patterns (though ever so small). The Red Caboose car represents the R-70-14, built in 1964, the R-70-15, built in 1975 and the R-70-16, built in 1966. The car also closely represents the R-70-17 through -19 series of car, the main visual difference is in the basic door lever design.

Pacific Car and Foundry also built cars of this type (with some variation) for ART, BAR, Erie, KATY, Maine Central and Northern Pacific. With mergers and splits you can find these cars in many paint schemes besides the as delivered schemes. SP and UP both had many different schemes after their split and since the merger more UP variations have appeared. Burlington Northern has painted their cars, BN green, orange and white and since the Santa Fe/BN merger more schemes in mineral brown have appeared. The prior mentioned paint schemes listed illustrate that many paint variations on this car can be found for many roads.

And after 34 years of service, many of these cars can still be found doing what they were originally designed for, keeping products cold or frozen.

N Scale 57' Mechanical Refrigerator Cars are available as decorated and undecorated Ready To Run Cars.

Reefer Details: -

- SP-PFE R-70-14/15/16 with Hydra-Cushion Underframe (As Built)
- UP-PFE R-70-14/15/16 with Keystone Underframe (As Built)
- SP-PFE R-70-14/15/16 with Hydra-Cushion Underframe, Short Ladders, No Roof Walk
- UP-PFE R-70-14/15/16 with Keystone Underframe, Short Ladders, No Roof Walk
- SP-PFE R-70-17/18/19 with Hydra-Cushion Underframe, Short Ladders, No Roof Walk
- UP-PFE R-70-17/18/19 with Keystone Underframe, Short Ladders, No Roof Walk
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